What's New at J&M

There are several insects and diseases that are currently affecting the health of privet on Nantucket. White Prunicola Scale, Japanese Maple Scale, Leaf spot fungus, Phytophthora root rot, and spider mites are serious pests that are potentially very damaging to privet. We are currently exploring recommendations and treatment options for this valuable Nantucket plant.

Mike is pleased to be attending the 2013 International Winter Turf School for Turf Managers this winter. This is the 82nd year for the program which is tailored for existing turf professionals from around the world. We are looking forward to advancing our turf knowledge and becoming proficient in the latest scientific and environmentally responsible procedures.

Jivko will be once again traveling to Bulgaria for the major component of our seasonal recruiting. J&M Landscape has been engaged with The University of Forestry in Sofia, Bulgaria for several years now. We recruit Forestry and Landscape Architecture students as part of our seasonal labor force. This program enables us to bring students with experience and a sincere interest in the horticultural field into our company.